Cicada Nation: All About Those Noisy Little Bugs


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Cicada Nation: All About Those Noisy Little Bastard Bugs.


Conservative Economics and Poverty

Take a close look at this graph showing the poverty rate over time:

There are several spikes in poverty and one significant dip. The first spike happened right around the early 80s, right after Ronald Reagan took office. The next spike happened right around the early 90s right after George Bush took office. The dip occurred around 1994, right after Bill Clinton took office. The next spike in poverty occurred right around 2000, right around when George W. Bush took office. In recent history, whenever a Republican took office and during their presidency, the poverty rate rose dramatically. Every Republican presidency resulted in a net gain in the poverty rate whereas the only Democratic presidency of significant length resulted in a net decrease in the poverty rate. We are only in the middle of the Obama presidency but we can start to see a small dip occurring.

Although there are a multitude of factors that impact poverty rates, presidents often set the economic mood. Think Reaganomics, the Bush tax cuts, Clinton raising taxes, etc. In any case, there is a significant problem that has been increasing ever since the early 80s that needs to be addressed.

A Small Voice

Gay and lesbian people deserve all the rights and privileges enjoyed by every other American, including the right to marry. Flatly. Without question. Now. In fact, not now. Get in a damn time machine, go back to 1787 and write on the Constitution, right after it says “We the People,” in big, obnoxious, capital letters, “THIS INCLUDES GAY PEOPLE!” But that would never work. They couldn’t even agree that a black person was a whole person. So run back to your time machine before those angry white guys hang you to death and zip to 1868, to when the 14th amendment was ratified, take out your trusty marker and write on the Constitution, just after the Equal Protection Clause, where it says, “nor shall any State deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws,” again, in big, obnoxious, capital letters, “THIS APPLIES TO GAY PEOPLE TOO!” And now you can zoom back home, taking the time to stop to flick Hitler in the eye of course, and enjoy your much more rational and loving world.

Even though I write in jest, this issue is very important to me. It wasn’t that long ago that certain groups thought it was acceptable to deny people like my wife and I, or my mom and dad the right to marry based on the color of our skin. If you take the time to read their racist reasoning, I’m sure you will end up wrinkling your nose in disgust. It is repugnant. Depressingly, the arguments used to deny same-sex marriage are shockingly similar. I imagine in 30 years, future generations will look at those arguments against gay marriage with the same amount of repugnance as we now look at those idiot racists. Please don’t be remembered as one of those idiots.

And to be honest, this issue is inherently tied to religion. Christianity in particular. Most people that I know who identify as Christian are great people with good hearts. I really hope that my Christian friends and readers recognize two very important facts. First, living in the United States awesomely provides you with the freedom to practice your religion but it also guarantees to all people equal protection under the law. This means anything the law gives to one group, it must provide to everyone unless there is a very good reason not to. “Because my particular God says no” is not one of those good reasons. Even though that’s all the reason you need, living in this amazing country of freedom requires a bit more of an explanation. And second, the Bible is full of funky rules that don’t seem to get any attention. Apparently men with long hair are shameful and anyone who works on Sunday should be put to death. I’m pretty sure this dude has long hair and Walmart is open on Sundays. Please let this one slip away into obscurity as well.

I am speaking out because if people remained silent to bigotry, my wife and I would never have been allowed to be married.  Good people fought to eliminate the vestiges of racism from the law and extend to me the right to marry my awesome and beautiful African-American wife. I’m using my small voice in support of same-sex marriage to hopefully help to eliminate the vestiges of homophobia from the law.